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We must always have the end in mind. Of course, when looking for local framing services, the end is to build the home of your dreams.

We all humans want a cave: “a private place to protect ourselves from the rest of the world.” That beautiful cave is your home. 

So, when choosing us as your residential framing contractor in Greenwood IN, you’ll get in return control, safety, and the opportunity to express your personality.

So, let’s see why hiring Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC to build your home is the right choice.

Control, Safety & Personality Are Priorities!

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The Leading Residential Framing Contractor in Greenwood IN

We all need a roof above our heads. The main issue here is how do you want it?

This will depend a lot on your personal tastes, your biological needs, psychological needs, your sense of belonging, and accomplishment.

As the leading framing contractor in Greenwood IN, we know that the home of your dreams starts with your foundation and a custom home framing structure.

So, let’s see more in detail what we mean by selling you control, safety & personality through our residential framing services.

1. Control: You Will Be the Reigning Voice in Your New Home!

We all love to have control. One easy and notable form of control is to own a home.

Your home is that special shelter that embraces you with privacy, safety, and protection against the adversities of life.

A custom home will give you control because of the concept of territoriality.

Since you are the reigning voice in your home, you’ll have the preferred access to the property, you’ll choose the conduct and attitudes of how others can enjoy the space, and you’ll have the right to deprive others of power over your space (home).

So, do you want full control during the building process of your sweet home? If so, you need to hire Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC—the best framing contractor in Greenwood IN.

2. Safety: Feel Protected from the Fast and Unforgiving World 

Happy Family Take a Selfie with Smart Phone in the Safety of Their Home

Choosing us as your go-to residential framing contractor near Greenwood IN means that we’ll help you to build the safest spot on Earth for you.

Sometimes the world goes bananas. Everybody is living life in accelerated ways. The world can be menacing. So, your home will be the perfect spot where you can feel safe.

And once you gain your trust and energies back, from that little place, you’ll go out and fight the world to achieve your goals, succeed, and be happy.

So, your home plays a vital role in keeping you safe and preparing you to make your way through the world. 

That’s why you should never overlook any decision to make it more beautiful, comfy, and functional.

Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC has more than 14 years of experience as an exceptional framing contractor in Greenwood IN. So, there is no question that the home we build for you will make you feel safe, confident & happy.

3. Personality: Be Bold. Tell the World Who You ARE! 

Happy Young Man at His New House Front Door Welcoming People

Your home is the ultimate reflection of your personality.

A custom home not only reflects who you are, but it also impacts directly how others see you.

As a building contractor, we know that your home should express your personal identity.

So, with our new home framing solutions, we set the stage so that you can deliberately express your feelings and thoughts way before even finish building your home.

The homes that we build are also the perfect instrument to express your social identity and belonging to a specific status or class.

When offering our services as a framing contractor in Greenwood IN, we love to tailor the homes of our clients (hopefully you’ll be next) based on their biological, psychological, social & cultural needs.

We’ll make you feel proud since with our help you’ll build the home you have always wanted. 

Call Us—We’re the Most Skilled Residential Framing Contractor in Greenwood IN

Our reputation is as strong as our new construction framing solutions are. 

Over 14+ years, we have had to manage from traditional single-family homes to even the most complicated custom home framing jobs.

In every project, we devote an unparalleled eye for detail.

So, you can never go wrong choosing us as your go-to residential framing contractor in Greenwood IN.

In fact, you’ll probably have more peace of mind knowing that the first homes we built are still standing and will do so for years to come.

Then whenever you need a high-quality house framing or a new room addition framing, you only need to call us.

Our professional home framers will build wonders!

Work with the best. Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC is the construction framing company you need to call to start building your dream home.

“We Stand Behind Our Work. Stable Structures & Frames 100% of the Time”—Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC.

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