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Looking for a fun, functional, efficient & fully customized new home construction in Carmel IN?

Well, before you go over dozens of websites looking for a trusted new home builder, right off the bat we tell you that Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC has the best offer for your new home.

The best part?

You will get to start fresh with a new home that was built by you for the enjoyment of your loved ones.

If you need more reasons on why you should trust the building of your new home to us, you can go ahead and continue reading.

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Home Construction in Carmel IN: A Magical Fresh Start in a Custom Home!

In recent days the inventory of the housing market has reached all-time lows.

So, now, it’s harder to even find an already built house. Sometimes, it’s even impossible to find a house that suits your needs and tastes.

Due to the limited availability of residential homes and higher prices, prospective homebuyers are considering

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New Home construction

When it comes to new home construction in Carmel IN, you have the power of customization in the palm of your hands!

When working with Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC, you can build the home of your dreams.

You can be 100% certain that the home will be the way you wanted it!

This is your best option in these days is to build your new home with a trusted building contractor.

They will personalize every detail in your home from the layout, cabinets, and flooring to the sinks, lighting, paint colors, and doorknobs.

We know you work extremely smart and hard to give your family and loved ones what they deserve. That’s why we work harder and in an honest way to give the most value in return.

Building your own home has never been this easier.

We’ll build exactly what you want. Don’t wait too long and make the right investment in your new home construction in Carmel IN.

Be Green. Build an Energy-Efficient Home!

We bet you would love to save some bucks in energy. Now imagine that you can take care of your wallet and protect the planet at the same time.
Here at Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC, we have more than 14 years of experience.
To say that we have 14 years of experience doesn’t mean that we do things the same way.
In fact, we make sure to implement new advancements in house construction.
We make sure to equip your home with green appliances. So, we’ll install more efficient plumbing, kitchen, and electrical fixtures.
The toilets, showerheads, and light bulbs will save you water, energy, and money obviously.
We’ll also comply with the new energy codes including better HVAC [heating, ventilation, and cooling], insulation and air filtration standards.
So, by getting our services of new home construction in Carmel IN, you can build “green” for more sustainability in the long run.

Other 6 Benefits of Building a New Home Include:

  1. You get to start fresh
  2. A new home offers modern features & finishes
  3. You have the power to customize your home’s details to suit your lifestyle & tastes
  4. You don’t have to worry about big repairs in the near future
  5. A new home is less likely to have the health concerns or toxic materials of an older home
  6. Don’t have to worry about mold, termites, or other issues

Schedule Your Appointment. Get a New Home Inspired & Designed for You!

When you choose Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC to deliver a new home construction in Carmel IN, you certain you’re getting quality construction methods and materials.

Over the last 14 years, we have gained incredible experience in building the most beautiful houses for our clients. The best part is that we have the best and most fresh home construction ideas.
Our initial promise and our standard of completion are: “We’ll build the home of your dreams (nothing less than that).”

Your family’s comfort will always be our priority. We’ll also need your valuable input in the design process to help you identify your needs. So, there is no question that your new home will have everything you want and need.

Trust your new construction to our hardworking and skilled hands. Call us today at (812) 374-9542, and we’ll make the most out of your investment.

Indeed, you’ll get the most durable, functional, beautiful & affordable home. The home of your dreams, as we promised!

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