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Are you planning to build a new house or get a new room addition?

Well, the infallible truth is that you always benefit from a strong and solid new construction framing. Here is where our exceptional home framing services become highly convenient for you.

If you want to ensure your home remains standing a lifetime and that it’s fully customized for your needs and desires, you need to hire Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC—the best residential framing contractor in Lawrence IN.

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So, let’s see why should choose us as your go-to home framer.

4 Reasons to Hire Us as Your Residential Framing Contractor in Lawrence IN

1. Our Reputation Is Strong!

Framing Building Contractor Framing Up a Wall Section for a Luxury Custom House

Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC has been providing quality residential framing services to hundreds of homeowners over the last 14 years.

Our reputation is as strong as our framing solutions are. Over the years, we have had to manage from traditional single-family homes to even the most complicated custom home framing jobs.

In every project, we devote an unparalleled eye for detail.

So, you can never go wrong choosing us as your framing contractor in Lawrence IN. In fact, you’ll probably have more peace of mind knowing that the first homes we built are still standing and will do so for years to come.

Then whenever you need high-quality house framing or new room addition framing, you only need to call us.

Our professional home framers will build wonders!

2. Our Professionalism Is the Key to Our Success!

A professional attitude is essential to any business, especially for running a construction framing company.

Ask yourself the following questions: Is the new home framing contractor punctual? Are workers approachable? Do they answer all the questions when working on site?

As a professional building contractor, we always respond in a proactive way to avoid any complaint or issue related to the completed framing structure.

Our professionalism comes from the strong set of values we have.

Our values help us to keep serving our clients at the highest level. 

We’re responsible, punctual, respectful, professional, honest, and trustworthy.

When trusting your new construction framing to us, you’ll get solid, durable, high-quality, and affordable home framing results.

So, when choosing us as your house framing contractor in Lawrence IN, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a safe and beautiful house.

3. Your Custom House Starts with Our Precisely Built Framing Structures!

A New Home Under Construction—Framing Contractor in Lawrence IN

It’s not only about the strength of the frame. It’s about tailoring your home from the foundation to the roof!

As a trusted local framing contractor in Lawrence IN, we put all our stamina, skills & precision to build the right bones for your dream home.

Having the ideal bones will make sure that the rest of the structure is laid on perfectly.

Once you have your home blueprint or once we together determine the size, shape, and features of your home, we’ll build the framing structure to perfection.

So, you can have peace of mind that the frame will set the stage of your custom home.

That’s right. The home frame will allow the other design ideas to take place. A good home skeleton is the starting path toward building the house of your dreams.

Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC works hard every day to provide thorough new construction framing services. Our wood frames often include the walls, the roof, the different rooms, the doorways, and the window frames of your home.

Also, as the best framing contractor in Lawrence IN, we take the extra mile by designing and building wood molds to pour concrete structures like kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, among other specifications that the home of your dreams might have.

4. Your Custom House Framing Will Be Built On-Budget!

As part of our professionalism, ethics, and responsibility, we never exceed your budget.

We know that you want a custom home, and we’ll help you achieve that by providing affordable local framing services.

Affordability doesn’t mean that we’ll forget about quality. Not at all. We keep in mind that the quality of a house frame determines the quality of the rest of the project.

Thus, your best shot to build a home that will be safe and a home that your loved ones will love and enjoy while at the same time saving money in the process is to choose us as your go-to framing contractor in Lawrence IN.

Call Us. We Build with High-Quality, Beauty & Strength 

At Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC, our team is experienced in every house framing technique. 

Thus, we’re the experts to call for your residential framing jobs.

The satisfaction of our previous clients is our greatest asset. So, they are the living proof of the commitment and passion we put into every building job.

Plus, the strong work ethic and attention to detail of our experts will ensure beautiful results.

Work with the best residential framing contractor in Lawrence IN. Call us at (812) 374-9542 so that we can start building your dream home.

“We Stand Behind Our Work. Stable Structures & Frames 100% of the Time”—Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC.

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