Home Addition Contractor in Carmel IN: Trust the Upgrades to Us

Unmatched experience, dedication, & construction expertise. That’s is all you get when hiring Enrique Hernandez Construction LLC as your home addition contractor in Carmel IN.

For 14+ years, we have served Indiana. Our commitment to excellence, willingness to hear your ideas, and skills to turn those plans into beautiful home additions will make sure you have an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Home Addition Contractor in Carmel IN: Add Space & Value to Your Home!

The future of your home and the future of your family always go hand in hand. And as one changes, the other needs to change as well.

Whether you want to add value to your home or you need more space for your family, adding a new room can be a great solution.

Home additions are great ways to explore what your home can be when given a chance to flourish.

Why limit yourself to just altering the basics? Instead, you can hire us as your home addition contractor in Carmel IN. Our team of designers and builders will help you reimagine your living space in new and exciting ways.

Great Ideas for a Custom Home Additions: Schedule Your Appointment!

The way you improve your home with a room addition is entirely up to you. But you can be so much better off by hiring a home addition contractor with knowledge and vision.

Having a new & insightful perspective on a room addition project can open your mind to new paths and options to explore.

There many projects (reasons) in which you need the support of a skilled, capable, professional & trusted home addition contractor in Carmel IN.

Some Innovative Ideas for Home Addition Projects Include:

  • New entertainment area (an easy way to invite guests into your home )
  • Sunroom (bring relaxation and light to your days)
  • Playroom (get your children’s toy mess out of the living room)
  • Home office addition (keep yourself organized)
  • Spacious second bathroom
  • Kitchen expansions & upgrades
  • Whole-home renovations/expansions
  • Dressing rooms
  • Fireplaces
  • Garage expansions
  • Basements remodeling
  • Home theaters
  • Dance rooms
  • Outdoor living areas (pools, cabanas)
  • Deck installation/replacement
  • Increase the space in any one of your already existing rooms

Whatever room addition you need to do to increase the functionality, comfort, and style of your home, Enrique Hernandez Construction can make it a reality for you.  

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